Confessions of a Microblading Addict

It’s official, I’m hooked on Microblading!

Since we started offering Microblading with Diandra from @arehereyelashesreal, we’ve had lots of interest and questions about the procedure! Microblading is a procedure that creates beautiful semi-permanent eyebrows using an ultra-fine needled hand tool. Each hair stroke is gently sketched on the skin, and the procedure can enhance existing brows or restore thinning brows due to illness, age, or over-tweezing.   Although Microblading lasts 1-3 years, it is significantly less invasive than traditional permanent makeup.  For more details about microblading, including a handy FAQ section, check out this link to Diandra’s website!

Microblading typically consists of an initial procedure, followed by a touch up procedure about two months later. Before my first procedure, I have to say I was nervous. Diandra told me that my brows would scab over, and that I couldn’t wear makeup or work out for seven days. But the word “scab” isn’t as daunting as you might think. The brows begin to flake slightly, but it’s not a scab like when you were seven and would get a skinned knee. Now after having my perfect brows, I am a real believer in sticking to the rules and not using makeup or sweating for seven days. I protected my investment and now I never have to draw in my brows! It’s great. I am an avid swimmer and Peloton bike user, so the prospect of not working out for seven days caused me anxiety. But remember that you can still go for walks, you could do yoga, you could lift moderate weights, as long as you do not sweat!

Check out these progress photos of my brows. I can’t wait to see what they look like after my second follow up procedure this month!


Plus, Diandra tells me that you must avoid tasks related to heavy household cleaning for seven days! That sounds great, right? Great brows and no household chores for seven days? Yes please!

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