Cellutone Cellulite System in Marblehead, MA

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What is the Cellutone Cellulite System?

Cellutone is a revolutionary, non-invasive body sculpting solution that helps adults who are struggling with the ever-common issue of cellulite. Cellulite typically appears in areas on the body that accumulate fat, such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and more. The procedure uses high-frequency pulsations and state-of-the-art tools to deliver power pulse vibrations that can enhance circulation and promote oxygen flow in the area. In turn, this can help to break down the cellulite beneath the skin.

What Areas of the Body Can Be Treated with Cellutone?

The Cellutone body sculpting system is gentle and can be used to treat pesky cellulite in various areas of the body. The most popular treatment areas include:

●   Legs

●   Arms

●   Buttocks

●   Abdomen

●   Flanks

●   Thighs (inner and outer)

Who is a Good Candidate for the Procedure?

Cellulite appears on the body as a type of dimpling, similar to that of an orange peel texture. It can often leave an unsightly appearance and distract from the smooth, silky texture that many patients love to feel on their skin. It can also be a sign of aging, as our skin begins to produce less collagen over time, which can cause the skin to sag or lose elasticity. Ideal patients include men and women with cellulite that are unhappy with their current appearance, or find themselves constantly covering up problem areas. If you have tried other solutions to no avail, Cellutone might be right for you.

The Benefits of the Cellutone Cellulite System

Non-invasive body sculpting solutions can be an excellent way to achieve a more defined, and enhanced contour without surgery or painful recovery periods. The Cellutone Cellulite System delivers powerful results in as little as one treatment, although patients typically need around 4-6 sessions to achieve desired results. The Cellutone Cellulite System can be used on all skin types and of all ages. The benefits include:

  • Smoother, tighter skin with less dimpling

  • Increased blood flow, collagen production, and elasticity

  • Safe, reliable, and virtually painless

What Does Cellutone Cost in Marblehead?

The cost of a Cellutone Cellulite treatment in Marblehead at Seaside Aesthetics will vary based on the number of sessions and the size of the treatment area. Costs are typically $100 for a small area and $150 for a larger area, per treatment site. Patients who require more correction may need more sessions than others.

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