Y Lift® in Marblehead, MA

The Y Lift procedure offers patients revolutionary results without plastic surgery. Call Seaside Aesthetics to schedule your Y Lift® consultation today!


What is Y Lift®?

The Y Lift® is a non-surgical facial contouring procedure that helps to restore lost volume in the face at a deeper level to deliver longer lasting results than traditional dermal fillers. The technique is ideal for older patients who have begun to experience drooping and sagging in their facial definition, particularly in the areas around the mid-face and jaw. Y Lift® allows patients to achieve dramatic results that can mimic those of a traditional facelift, without the invasive surgery, anesthesia, or risk of scarring.


What Does the Y Lift® Correct?

The Y Lift® procedure is intended to treat the areas of the face that begin to warp as we age. The name of the product refers to the contour it helps patients regain. Regardless of the overall shape of our face, when we are young, our facial structure develops in a “Y” shape, with our cheek and jaw bones pointing upwards to give us definition. As we age, like other aspects of our bodies, gravity can cause this area to drop, causing a sunken or weighted look that is nearly impossible to reverse.


How Does the Procedure Work?

A Y Lift® procedure is similar to a liquid facelift or injectables, as it uses the same products to help achieve a more youthful appearance. However, instead of being injected directly beneath the skin, as most dermal fillers are, the Y Lift® technique utilizes a thin metal cannula to penetrate deep beneath the surface of the skin, where the dermal filler is applied. When administered beneath the various layers of skin and muscle, the dermal filler helps to physically boost the structure of your cheeks, jaw, and surrounding tissue.


Who Can Receive the Y Lift®?

A Y Lift® procedure can be performed on adult men and women of all ages, face shapes, and body types. Ideal candidates are patients who feel their facial structure has changed, and wish to see a more youthful appearance when they look in the mirror. The procedure is extremely popular among patients who are seeing the effects of gravity and aging in their skin.


What Are the Benefits of a Y Lift® Procedure?

The Y Lift® procedure is one of the newest introductions to the world of non-invasive facial enhancement procedures. Despite its young age, patients everywhere are raving about the benefits of the Y Lift®, which include:


●      Tighter, smoother skin

●      Lifted appearance in the cheeks, jawline, and throughout the midface area

●      Reduced appearance of folds, fine lines, and wrinkles

●      Fast, easy application that takes an average of 30 minutes to administer

●      Long-lasting results with patients seeing improvements 1-3 years after treatment

●      Non-invasive, virtually painless procedure


What Does the Y Lift® Cost in Marblehead?

The Y Lift® combines the use of dermal fillers with sophisticated, innovative technology that helps to lift the skin from the inside without the use of surgical techniques, incisions, or invasive procedures. The cost of the procedure will vary based on the type of fillers used and the number of injections required to achieve the optimal result.


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